Cafe Collection

*Prices listed are ex gst, 10% added on final calculation. 

Unit of Order 1 tray/pack, quantities can be adjusted at checkout.

White Chocolate Macadamia

Triple Choc Fudge

Apricot Almond

Chocolate Vanilla Crème

Monte Carlo

Lemon Melting Moment

Hazelnut Cookie (2).jpg

Almond Crunch 75gm

Hazelnut Cookie (1).jpg

Hazelnut Crunch 70gm

Hazelnut Cookie (7).jpg

Macadamia Crunch 70gm

Coconut Crunch.png

Coconut Crunch 70gm

Chocolate Choc Chip 70gm


Wholemeal Honey & Oat 70gm

Orange Cranberry 001.png

Cranberry & Orange 70gm

Oat & Raisin 70gm

Gluten Free Sticky Date and

Ginger 60gm

Gluten Free Cranberry Macadamia and White Chocolate 60gm

Gluten Free Chocolate Mud 60gm

3.8 Ltr Cookie Jar